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            Welcome to the official website of Luoyang TROTOP MACHINERY Co., Ltd.

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            Luoyang TROTOP MACHINERY Co., Ltd.

            Luoyang Trotop Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in technology development, production, sales, technological consultation and service of mining equipments and spare parts.

            Our main products, technological consultation and services are: mining metals, nonmetals, composite mills liner, feeding elbow, feeding and discharging bushes, shaft screen or flat screen, mill shell and head inner wall rubbing liner, crusher liner and jaw plate, cyclone, slurry pump, slurry delivery pipe and cone gear and so on.

            Company purpose: Based on the utilization reality of domestic mining equipments and spare parts, studying, understanding and absorbing the advanced technologies in related industries at home and abroad, our company is forging ahead with determinations and making innovations. We will show the progressiveness, scientificity and reliability of the products developed and manufactured by us; provide our clients with most suitable and efficient strategies and solutions with our credit as well as better quality and more satisfying services and increase the level and value of mining industry together with our clients.

            Luoyang enjoys the fame of Imperial Capital with Thousand Years’ History and Peony Tops the World. Here, you could find the good atmosphere of culture, beautiful landscape and convenient transportation. We sincerely welcome the old and new friends at home and abroad to discuss the friendly cooperation and create a good future together.

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            NEWS & TRENDS


            • Cylinder sieves at the end of the mill

              Cylinder sieves at the end of the mill

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            • Mine hoist and its parts/Liner

              Mine hoist and its parts/Liner

              MORE++ >>
            • Cylinder screen series products

              Cylinder screen series products

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            • Machining Equipments

              Machining Equipments

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            • Heat Treatment Capability

              Heat Treatment Capability

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            • Forging Capability

              Forging Capability

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            500m south of Jianxi Industrial Science and Technology Park, Luoyang

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